Colwell Center Community

Colwell Center Community

The Colwell Center fosters a collaborative work environment between University System of Maryland faculty and staff, private entities in the human health and environmental health field and start-up companies in the IMET Harbor Launch Incubator. Amenities for our tenants include:

  • Loading dock receiving
  • Mail distribution
  • Access to conference and meeting room space at a discounted rate
  • Secured access to building/building security 24/7
  • Onsite fitness center
  • Discounted rates at Pier V Hotel¬†

IMET is a joint University System of Maryland research institute capitalizing on the strengths of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the University of Maryland Baltimore County and the University of Maryland Baltimore. IMET utilizes the research, training and technology transfer capabilities of these partner institutes to further its mission. IMET builds on the assets and capabilities of the former Center of Marine Biotechnology.

Rita Rossi Colwell Center

Members of the Colwell Center include:

  • BDP EnviroTech
  • Waterfront Partnership
  • National Aqaurium, Inc.
  • Mad Vine Media
  • Smiths Detection

Harbor Launch Incubator

Members of the Harbor Launch Incubator include:

  • Auxergen
  • Link Sciences
  • NDBbio
  • Precision Theranostics